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What's up from Ms. Cooper

Thanks for checking out my page! I appreciate the love and support! I'm just a wife, mom, and entrepreneur trying to make a name for myself in the media business! If you like my content and anything else that is produced..remember to like, share, or hit up the Patreon accounts! 

"You weren't expecting that!" ~Ms. Cooper

Hangin with Ms. Cooper Radio Show & Podcast

Hanging with Ms. Cooper is hosted by Stephanie Cooper (a.k.a. Ms. Cooper). This show is in podcast form and focuses on everyday issues and topics. Ms. Cooper keeps it "REAL" and isn't afraid to take it there with her sassy, yet down to earth comentary. Each show is about motivation and empowerment not just toward women, but for any situation. From social media, to family life, to just life in general. Ms. Cooper relates to the everyday woman and mother with tips and advice that are not only based on her own opinion and experiences,  but also laced with the most important aspect...the Word of The Most High.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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